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Physical Activity

Exercise is not just about burning calories, it plays an essential role in boosting your mood and psychological wellbeing ‒ this in turn enhances your motivation to eat well!

As part of the Temple Vie programme, we focus on exercise in the second stage, the Stabilisation Stage. You will have reached your target weight and all the normal food groups are gradually being reintroduced. Three Personal Trainer (PT) sessions are recommended during this 8-week stage. Your personal trainer will help tailor an exercise routine that you enjoy and fits with your abilities, preferences and lifestyle.



Your PT will ensure that the exercises are done correctly, working within your capability. You’ll learn how to exercise efficiently and effectively, making best use of your time and efforts.

Increased metabolism

Building muscle will not only improve your body contours but will also help raise your resting metabolic rate - this means you can eat more calories every day without regaining the weight!


After three, dedicated PT sessions, you will start to feel confident undertaking regular exercise and be able to factor it into your daily life, carrying it into the maintenance stages.

personal training
personal training

Your PT will provide advice and guidance on how to exercise well, how to efficiently exercise when you are short of time, are not able to attend a gym and what exercise works best for you.

Our 5-point programme

This is just one area of the Temple Vie programme. Explore more below!

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