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Week 8: Pauline & Jon's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, March 1, 2021

Pauline – end of week 8

How I’m feeling:
Slightly disappointed as I had my first week of losing under a kilo but I just remind myself that it is still a loss and that’s a good thing.

Weight loss update:
Lost 0.45kg this week but to date I have lost 9.1 kilos and also 10cm off my waist in total.

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Watching my friend have the same salad as mine but she had some chicken with hers and I really wanted some chicken, but I reminded myself that I am not there yet!

Biggest success in the last week:
I tried on my wedding dress for the first time in over a year and it is too big for me already so hopefully by April/May time it will really need taking in!

Jon – end of week 8

How I’m feeling:
Full of beans this week.

Weight loss update:
1.1kg this week - total to date 15.5kg. (wow that’s nearly 2.5 stone)

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Bought some cake for my parents to have while we sat in the garden and the visit to the shop was tough as everyone was there to buy their fancy coffees and sausage softies. Pauline made me a really nice brunch though after so that cheered me up.

Biggest success in the last week:
I saw my parents for the first time since Christmas (at a social safe distance) and they were both very impressed with my weight loss. They can see how hard I have been working and are delighted with how much better I feel.

Since starting Temple Vie, we have faced many challenges but one of the most difficult ones is continuously trying to keep things interesting and not allowing boredom to set in. That means getting creative with the sachets, so we have put together a list of our favourite creations so far:-

So there you go - just a selection of our favourite go to dishes that have helped curb the boredom that are not only really easy to make but really tasty to boot.

As we head into week 9 and approach our next review with Dr Sam, we are both still feeling really good and happy with our progress.  Also with the welcome return of the sunshine I predict lots of lovely walks and outdoor exercise.

P & Jon



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