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Week 4: Pauline & Jon's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, February 1, 2021

Pauline – end of week 4

How I’m feeling:
More like myself again

Weight loss update:
Lost 1.2 kilos, total to date 4.8 Kilos

Biggest challenge in the last week:
I had a catch up over zoom with some friends and they were having a glass of wine and I had to stick to my sparkling water, but I had some sparkling water in a nice gin glass with a slice of lemon and lime and in the end it didn’t bother me as much.

Biggest success in the last week:
I have been able to fit back into my size 16 clothes again and that is a great feeling... size 14 here I come.

Jon – end of week 4

How I’m feeling:
Happy within myself

Weight loss update:
Lost 1.9 Kilos, total to date 9.4 Kilos.

Biggest challenge in the last week:
We went to Asda to do some shopping and it was the first time I really struggled with temptation as I would normally buy myself some food treats so instead, I found alternative things to buy as treats mostly cleaning products and a new bed sheet, I am very rock and roll…

Biggest success in the last week:
I can fit in my 38-inch Jeans again which is the first time in a couple of years but they are actually too big and so I think I will need to buy a 36 next time.

So after another good week with a good weight loss for us both we thought it would be good to give further insight into our weight loss journey as a couple.

For the past few weeks one thing that I have found slightly frustrating is every week Jon loses about twice the amount of weight I do even though we pretty much eat the same in fact he would normally have more sachets than I would.  After speaking with our Temple Vie therapist Lisa, she explained that this is normal as men have more muscle and different hormones, so they have a faster metabolism.  She said that I need to focus on the fact I am losing weight and focus on my own journey.

I felt bad knowing I was losing more than Pauline each week, but she is doing amazing and I tell her that everyday as she does with me.

So what else is there to know, well for us it has been a great opportunity to spend time together in the kitchen cooking which was not something we did very often before.  It’s great not only coming up with new recipe ideas but also just talking about our day or having random conversation, so much better than sat in front of the TV.

The best part about this programme is we are doing it together and we are each other’s biggest cheerleaders we are there for each other on the good days and bad days and we keep each other motivated and supported.

As week 4 comes to an end, this week has been very positive as not only did we both lose weight, but we got our waist measurements taken at our appointment with Lisa and both of us had good results.  Between the two of us we have lost 17cm from our waists again another example of how its not just the scales that show the results. 



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