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Week 24: Rhoda's Weight Loss Diary

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Rhoda – end of week 24

How I’m feeling:

I feel delighted following my review with Dr Sam Robson – Read my blog to find out why ;)

Weight loss update:

Stayed the same. Weight lost to date 8.5 kilos/1 stone 5lbs (6 inches lost from my waist)

Biggest challenge in the last week:

The biggest challenge for me was sticking to my meal plans and not going rogue. Literally nothing coming over me, just having a Mariah Carey moment (diva)

Biggest success in the last week:

Walking everywhere and saying “no thank-you” to any offers of a lift. I genuinely notice a difference in my mood when I walk, it is important for my health too.


So this week I had my monthly review with Dr Sam, and I must admit that when I stood on the scales my heart sank - how could I have GAINED weight???

However, my sadness soon changed to elation!  My InBody score had in fact gone up which means that my body composition had improved. I have gained muscle and lost fat. At the end of the day, it's only fat that I want to lose - I mean, if I chopped a leg off then I would weight less on the scales but my body wouldn’t be any slimmer!!

So as well as having upped the muscle in my legs and arms, I have also managed to lose 2% body fat in the last month. Such a powerful reminder not to be transfixed by the numbers on the weighing scales!

There have been occasions over the last week when I was feeling sorry for myself, constantly on a “diet” and telling myself I was missing out… I do believe that whenever I try to follow a diet, I usually fail because I start off all guns blazing, telling myself I am “good” and “strong willed” and have determination to stick to the plan, whatever it is… until a little voice inside my head starts trying to convince me that I am deprived and missing out… and then I start feeling sorry for myself and looking for excuses to break the diet. This programme actually feels different - I gave myself a good talking to and asked myself:

“what are you missing out on Rhoda?” ermmm well erm…

and then I realised that the answers is "very little!"

I don’t know about you, but at home we rotate the same family meals week-to-week - spag bol, chilli, chicken/salad and occasionally a pasta dish. These are all dishes that I can create on Temple Vie – in fact I actually have more choice when I am following the plan. I am learning that the key to not getting bored is to experiment with flavour and try new recipes. I have to stop telling myself that “life would be better if I ate the usual rubbish"

This week I have enjoyed adding frozen fruit to my strawberry shake to make a refreshing summer smoothie. I also made my own custard with the vanilla shake to accompany my stewed rhubarb - which was delicious :)

I looked back at pictures of myself from Christmas time and realise how far I have come, the clothes I had then hang off me now. I feel so much more comfortable in my summer wardrobe.

I know it is easy to lose sight of my goals but seeing my body fat drop has really reinforced how important it is that I keep going and create healthy habits for life. I feel focused and motivated, I have even looked at a few gyms this week. I am determined to find ways of exercising that I will enjoy and be able to commit to.

Looking forward to pushing forward and getting closer to my target :)

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