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Week 18: Rhoda's Weight Loss Diary

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Rhoda – end of week 18

How I’m feeling:
Feeling positive after my Temple Vie review with Dr Sam.

Weight loss update:
Lost 0.3kg this week. Weight lost to date 8.5 kilos/1 stone 5lbs

Biggest challenge in the last week:
Turning down numerous “brunches and lunches” purely because I know there would have been some alcohol involved and I want to stay focussed just now. I know that alcohol will not only make me hungry but it will also destroy my resolve to eat sensibly.

Biggest success in the last week:

Making sure I got at least 7 hours of sleep every night. This has made a huge difference to my energy levels and everything seems so much easier :)


Slow and steady is my motto. After years of yoyo dieting, I knew the weight would not just melt off, however I did not expect to have lost over 5 inches from my waist. I am absolutely thrilled with that achievement - not only do my clothes fit better but it is also a pleasant reminder that I should not get too transfixed with the numbers on the scales.

I had my Temple Vie review with Dr Sam this week, who reminded me that I can track my progress via the InBody app, which is a super handy tool. I can see from my previous reviews that everything is moving in the right direction, including my body fat percentage and fat around my organs (visceral fat).

I know that I need to find an exercise that I will enjoy and keep going with. I lose interest so quickly if it isn’t fun, I blame the child in me!! I am looking for adult dance classes because I think I would enjoy something that does not “feel” like exercise – perhaps salsa or siroc. Ideally, I would love to learn the whole choreography routine to a Britney classic – that would be the dream and I might even share the video if I make it that far!!

I am not sure about gyms, having joined them previously, gone in in all guns blazing, lasted less than a month then I am never seen at that gym again… maybe I haven’t found the right gym for me yet. In all seriousness I do need to find something sustainable - I know that in order to stay slim and healthy, I really must build muscle and I know I need to get my core strength back. 

Since I started Temple Vie, I am great at walking everywhere, but the time is coming to take my fitness up a gear.  100% my energy levels are so much better since being on the programme - I can get up in the morning no bother and do not have the sugar crashes that I used to. 

I am looking forward to making the Temple Vie raspberry sorbet this week as I am a huge sorbet fan, I will share my masterpiece on the Temple Vie story. Having sweet treats like that or the snacks on the plan are super handy as I do not feel I am missing out or having to be “super good". I plan to push myself to experiment and devise some funky recipes and even trying new flavours because I have just been sticking to my “favs”.

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