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Week 1 & 2: Rhoda's Weight Loss Diary

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Hi! I'm Rhoda, a busy working mum of two.

I can't think of a time in my life where my weight or clothes size has not bothered me.

During the first lockdown I gained almost a stone, then we had Christmas which of course was another excuse for me to over indulge!

Watching the numbers on the scales go up and my jeans getting stuck at my thighs was the final straw,  but hearing that we were heading for another lockdown sealed the deal. No way was I going to allow myself to put on another stone. 

I want 2021 to be the year of focussing on my health and wellbeing, losing weight is important but I also want to be fitter and have more energy. 


It frustrates me - I read a lot and I am fascinated by the whole subject of weight, diets and the mystery of how to stay slim - I understand that there is no magic solution to losing weight but I have come to realise that losing weight and keeping off is not as easy as it sounds and  I'll admit that I actually haven’t been able do this successfully by myself.

I realise that despite “knowing” the theory behind Temple Vie I still haven’t been able to put it into practice. Having watched numerous people successfully lose weight with Temple Vie I began to wonder if the programme might work for me if I did it properly. After the episode with my jeans I decided that “enough was enough”. I discussed this at length with my husband because I knew that his support would be essential but he didn’t need convincing because he knows how much this matters to me.

My children are also on board!! They understand that I want to be healthy and I am determined to be a good role model for them - not only because I want to teach them the good habits that will ensure that they don’t struggle in the ways that I have but I also want them to understand that in order to be healthy you need to take good care of yourself.

Having the encouragement and support of my family and knowing that they believe in me and also value my health has given me the push I needed to take this step. I am sharing my journey because I know that this programme takes commitment and just saying it out loud to other people strengthens my determination to see it through. I am sharing my journey because I believe that this programme works and I think there are lots of people out there who, like me, just need to believe that they have it in them to succeed.

To be brutally honest, I am also sharing my journey because its keeps me accountable and I know that I don’t want to let myself down in the eyes of everyone who believes in me...

Week 1/2 update

How I’m feeling:
Excited to start my journey.

Weight loss update:
Lost ½ Kilo (slightly disheartened but I know it can take time to show on the scales)

Biggest challenge in the last fortnight:
Baking with kids and not sampling!

Biggest success in the last fortnight:
Mastering garlic bread using the pizza base!

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