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Pauline & Jon's Weight Loss Diary

Monday, January 18, 2021


“Right from Monday that’s us being good….”

Hands up how many of us have said this exact phrase before?

We have certainly lost count how many times we have said these words to each other over the past couple of years.

Don’t get us wrong- we have great intentions - Monday we are really good, Tuesday a little bit less good but then come Wednesday it's back on the Deliveroo app ordering a takeaway and once we have done that, well then “what’s the point for the rest of the week?”- we can just start again on Monday….And so the cycle goes on.

It’s not until you catch yourself in the mirror - discover you have gone up a size of two - notice your back is hurting a lot more...then you realise that you have let this get way out of control and you know that if you don’t change the whole plan will just continue on a downwards spiral. 

The main problem for us is we are the worst bad influence on one another - just being “good” with our food or trying some new diet plan is not going to cut it for us if we are just relying on each other to stay on track.

We need a plan that we know can work, will deliver quick results and which will help keep us motivated.

Most importantly of all, we know that we are going to need help and support beyond the diet. We don’t want to have to try and work out how we can stay slim once we get to our target weight.

We need a programme that is going to work with us to make permanent changes that will help keep the weight off for life and learn how to enjoy being healthy.

We're getting married this June which is a big deal. And so here we are - we've decided to start the Temple Vie programme.

Keep an eye on the blog for future updates!


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